Law Enforcement:

Our core competences products for Police, Military, Security Companies and Authorities are Ballistic Protection, Anti Riot Gear, Combat Gloves, Tactical Equipment, Bags & Back Packs and Combat Boots.

Ballistic Products

Protective Ballistic Vests for the Police, Military and Special Forces like Full-body protective suit, Hostage protection shield, Multifunctional ballistic safety shield, Ballistic safety shield with periscope, Ballistic briefcase, Shock absorber, Dog protection vest.

Explosive Stores

We supply specialized mild steel explosives stores, magazines, armories and ammunition stores. These vary from small hand held carrying boxes through to drive in stores 12 Meters in length and up to 4 Meters in height.

  • Small Stores / Portable Magazines
  • Large Stores / Magazines
  • Offshore / Portable Magazines
  • Specialist Stores / Magazines
  • Armories & Ammunition Stores / Magazines

Accredited by the British army and the NATO countries in all sizes and are monitored electronically by the user and protected from theft and sabotage attempts.

The facilities of the transfer of ammunition and explosives inside the city and outside of the various sites and is designed according to the highest standards of international safety and design according to the need of the user.

Mechanisms for disposal of explosives fitted with special devices.


We supply all type of firearms & ammunitions (Cartridges & Bullets), a portable guns being a barreled weapon driven by the action of an Explosive Forces. (Like Revolvers / Pistols /Carbines / Military Style Semi or Full Automatic Rifles / sniper rifles /Machine Guns/Personal Defense Weapons).