When it comes to personnel safety, you want absolute reliability and highly robust systems were developed specifically for the extreme environments associated with oil platforms.

Personnel safety is a cross-disciplinary area focused on protecting the safety, health and welfare of everyone. The primary methods for preventing employee exposure to hazardous materials are elimination, engineering and administrative controls. Where these control methods are not appropriate or sufficient to control the hazard, personal protective equipment (PPE) is required.

We provide all types of safety equipment designed in close collaboration with the high level industry standard.

  • Complete Body Protection – Coverall
  • Hand Protection – Gloves
  • Eye and Face Protection
    • Safety Glasses
    • Goggles
    • Face Shields
    • Eye Protection for Intense Light Sources


  • Hearing Protection
    • Headset
    • Earplug
  • Head Protection – Helmet
  • Foot Protection – Boot
  • Respiratory Protection
  • All type of portable Gas Monitor



Effective emergency management for the public begins with carefully planned early warning and Mass notification systems like (Electronics) Siren Systems and Information Tower systems.

Throughout history Public safety has been threatened by natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, man-made disasters such as technological and industrial accidents, and social or political disasters such as terrorist attacks and wars. In such cases, effective early warning and notification systems help to protect lives and minimize the risks of damage to property, equipment, intangible assets, infrastructure, and the economy.

We provides leading-edge, single-source turnkey solutions to our customers – from single or small-scale systems for communities and industrial facilities all the way to large-scale nationwide warning systems.


With the extensive experience, we are involved in supplying a wide spectrum of Industrial Health & Safety products like Safety Wears, Safety Equipment and Industrial Safety Products.

We are one of the specialized suppliers in a comprehensive range of Traffic and Road Safety Equipment that are manufactured, from premium quality raw material and these are capable of providing full safety even in extreme hazardous conditions, from highly reliable manufacturer in the market.

Our wide range of products / equipment for the safety include Speed Bumps, Road Posts, Convex Mirrors, Link Chains with Posts, Q-managers for queue with chains & Belts Reflectors, Light Bars, Road Barriers, Reflective Jacket, Reflective Gloves, etc….

  • Speed Breaker Abs and Rubber
  • Road Delineator
  • Road Reflectors
  • Road Studs
  • Sign Boards
  • Speed Bumps
  • Parking Blocks
  • Road Barrier
  • Convex Mirror
  • Reflecting Tapes
  • Under Vehicle Search Mirror
  • Traffic Light Baton
  • Corner Guards
  • Spring Posts