Back-up Power Supplies – UPS

ELTECO, a.s. manufactures and delivers generating sets of various power outputs from 7 – 3100 kVA. Genset in connection with UPS creates an ideal supply system, which removes disadvantages of both separately working units (i.e. a relatively short back-up time of the UPS and a supply cut-off during the start of the genset). The UPS ensures uninterruptible power supply immediately after a mains failure and the genset that begins to supply electric energy normally within 10 – 15 seconds, prolongs this back-up time to several hours in accordance to the fuel tank capacity.There is possible to use genset practically in four alternatives:
  1. as a single genset – used as a power supply, where the distribution mains is not available,
  2. as a back-up power supply without the UPS – used for equipments that do not require uninterruptible power supply,
  3. as a back-up power supply + UPS (for important circuits) – used when the power output of the genset is dimensed for all equipments and UPS are used to back up equipments requiring uninterruptible power supply. Other equipments will be supplied after a mains failure by the genset,
  4. as a back-up power supply + UPS (for all circuits) – used when the power output of the genset is dimensed for the  total power input of the UPS respectively of UPS – in this case all equipments are supplied uninterruptibly (on-line) after a mains failure.