Camera & Systems For Hazardous Areas

Our manufacturer produces camera systems for explosion risk and hazardous areas (94/9/EC ATEX). CCTV applications range from simple monitoring applications to fully controllable digital video monitoring systems with voice transmission. Furthermore, our manufacturer develops, produces and sells devices, software and engineering services in the area of process control engineering.

Explosion Proof Cameras

Whether simple explosion proof camera-monitor systems are required or complex CCTV systems such as ex-proof PTZ cameras or explosion proof dome camera systems with audio integration have to be implemented – SAMCON always strive to offer the best solution to our customers.

CCTV Cameras for Use in Explosion Risk Industries like;

Blast Proof and Rugged Cameras in Explosion Proof Housings: The ExCam Series

The ExCam Series consists of different video cameras that are approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX).The ExCam Series is the world´s smallest explosion proof camera system in its class. The main advantage lies in the modular build up: various different housings and electronical parts make it easy to assemble explosion proof cameras that suit your particular needs. The ExCam Series consist of analogue cameras with variofocal lenses, motorzoom cameras with infrared cut filter and digital network cameras with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel (FullHD).

Explosion Proof Camera Housings (Ex-Proof Camera Enclosures)

All our camera housings are explosion proof, designed with IP67 protection and resistant to seawater.

The ExCam vario is an explosion proof camera with variofocal lens and DC-Iris

The ExCam miniZoom is a zoom camera approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX).

The ExCam niteZoom is the world’s smallest explosion proof zoom camera of its class.

With our ExCam IP, a full-fledged network camera is available for hazardous areas and explosion risk zones.

With our ExCam HD, finally a full-fledged network camera with P-IRIS and IR-Cut Filter is available for hazardous areas.

Blast Proof and Rugged Cameras

Ex-Proof Industrial Cameras


SAMCONtrol is the world’s first purely browser-based video management system. This means there is no need to install additional software or hardware other than a standard web browser in order to operate a video network. This technology signifies the end of artificial limitations for existing video management systems – a common open standard replaces proprietary software. Expensive software updates or complex configurations are replaced by plug & play and simple drag & drop. Video signals can be displayed anywhere in the world, and on any device, whether a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Advantages of SAMCONtrol at a glance

  • Economical and a safe investment
  • Use of existing IT infrastructure, system components and wiring
  • Management of an unlimited number of cameras
  • Flexible adjustment to new requirements
  • Backward and forward compatibility of the system
  • Minimal care and maintenance, no software updates necessary
  • No licensing on a per seat basis, therefore allows an unlimited number of clients/workstations
  • Unlimited display settings
  • Control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras using software or hardware (mouse, keyboard)
  • Simultaneous recording from any number of cameras
  • Integration of/into websites, site plans and maps
  • Extensive playback functions: date search, recording sequences, time line
  • Intuitive system control and configuration, no programming skills necessary
  • No need to purchase licenses for further software/modules or manufacturer releases
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Can be displayed on every type of device: PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • 100% update capacity and downwardly compatible
  • No recurring license fees
  • Can be used in a closed Intranet or for Internet broadcasting

Control Center


The ConnectionRail series converts video, audio and binary signals in ethernet-network streams and makes them available over long distances.

As part of the ConnectionRail series, ATEX certified equipment for use in hazardous areas, and non-ATEX equipment for industrial control environments are available. Interface diversity makes our ConnectionRails solve every digitalisation task. Cameras from renowned manufacturers can be controled via RS232/RS422 or RS485 interface network-based. Explosion proof speakers, intrinsically safe microphones and DECT base stations can be connected. Networking can be realized via fiber optic cable, copper Ethernet or wireless.

  • Analog cameras digital networks
  • Missing Link
  • It does not always have to be ATEX
  • Hardware
  • FOC, Copper or WLAN Ethernet
  • Speaking and Hearing through the Ether