Electronics Siren / Information Systems

Our electronic Sirens are today the:

  • Most efficient way of outdoor warning because of:
  • Individual power source, like Mains or Solar
  • Individual output power, from 250W to 6000W
  • Individual sound coverage, omni directional or directional
  • Latest HW and SW-design, digital amplifiers, 12V operating power
  • Fully intergraded communication system, Line- and Satellite –control
  • Installed MORETHAN 4000 UNITS all over the world.


All this in a tailored solution due to the Costumers Requirements

  • Some of our Key Features;
  • Control Station
  • Selected Sirens (Nodes)
  • Auto Reporting
  • Status of the Remote Equipment
  • No False Alarm
  • Power Supply
  • Command & Communication
  • Safety against the Lightning & Thunder Strom
  • Both Voice & Tones
  • Bi-directional Communication
  • Siren Silent Test


Information & Time Tower

World’s First Remote Controlled Life Size Digital Display

Security & Monitoring

All the Towers are operated remotely from Command & Control Center

Basic Applications

  • Video Surveillance
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Speed Violation
  • Red Light Violation
  • Emergency Warning
  • Public Address


Modular Concept and each Tower consists of;

  • Information Module
  • Advertisement Module
  • Base Module