Electric energy and heat production

Cogeneration units

To the complex deliveries, which are subject of ELTECO, a.s. activities, belongs also systems of combined production of electrical energy and heat in combustion engines on natural gas or biogas (cogeneration units systems).

Cogeneration is combined production of thermal and electric power in facilities, called cogeneration units. Cogeneration units are electric power supply aggregates driven by an engine operating on gas (e.g. natural) and a system of exchangers for contemporaneous production of electric energy and heat.

Electric energy production


Our manufactures and delivers generating sets of various power outputs from 7 – 3100 kVA. Genset in connection with UPS creates an ideal supply system, which removes disadvantages of both separately working units (i.e. a relatively short back-up time of the UPS and a supply cut-off during the start of the genset). The UPS ensures uninterruptible power supply immediately after a mains failure and the genset that begins to supply electric energy normally within 10 – 15 seconds, prolongs this back-up time to several hours in accordance to the fuel tank capacity.


Generating sets with diesel, water cooled engines


Back-up Power Supplies – UPS

AC & DC back-up power supplies

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  • Back-up of heating systems
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Other products

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