RFID / GPS Tracking Systems

The RFID / GPS Real Time Tracking System provide an active RFID (aRFID) enabled infrastructure for real-time personnel management and across the entire enterprise.  Using active RFID as the enabling technology to automate personnel monitoring, our solutions eliminate the traditional costly, time consuming and inaccurate monitoring process.

The different Tracking Systems are

  • RFID / GPS Real Time Personnel Tracking
  • RFID / GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  • RFID / GPS Real Time Assets Tracking

We provide our clients / customers a complete Turnkey Solution with design, develop and manufacture a variety of advanced technology solutions world-wide.  Our capability, credibility and geographic footprint provide responsive and cost-effective solutions.

With our well qualified Engineering Team, Our services include;

  • Site Survey & System Design
  • System Implementation of all hardware, software, tags, communications, system integration, Configuration, Testing and Verification
  • Hardware, Software and Infrastructure Installation and Configuration
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Project Management



It is very important to track or identify the Person & Vehicle by their ID code. And in case of emergency, this function will be very useful during evacuation to check if all the personals have left those areas / zones.

Like for instance, there is some Fire / Gas leakage at one of the Area / Zone and it is announced everyone to Evacuate that spot for the Emergency Response team to attend the situation.

Now, it is not sure that everyone was evacuated or still someone get struck (due to some injury or due to some accident) inside that area / zone unless someone attend the site and look for. As it is related to Safety and Risk in Life, it is important to take the action immediately.

However, through our systems infrastructure, it is very simple and easy to know how many personals where there at the time of incident and how many have left the situation through the Counting Features in the Systems. In case, if still there is someone in that area / zone, it is also simple to know the details like Who (with complete details from the ID card) and Where (near location within 5 meter range) through Tracking Features in the Systems