The RFID / GPS Real Time Tracking System provide an active RFID (aRFID) enabled infrastructure for real-time personnel management and across the entire enterprise.  Using active RFID as the enabling technology to automate personnel monitoring, our solutions eliminate the traditional costly, time consuming and inaccurate monitoring process.

We provide our clients / customers a complete Turnkey Solution with design, develop and manufacture a variety of advanced technology solutions world-wide.  Our capability, credibility and geographic footprint provide responsive and cost-effective solutions.

The different Tracking Systems are

  • RFID / GPS Real Time Personnel Tracking
  • RFID / GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  • RFID / GPS Real Time Assets Tracking

Automated Weapon inventory and Tracking solution

It is important more than anything else is to Manage, Monitor and Keep Track all the assets, especially highly state confidential equipment like Military & Defense Equipment.

We are specialized in design and implement state of art technology for the Automated Weapon inventory and Tracking solution.

Some of the main Features like;

  • Complete automatic solution to keep tracks all the Firearm, Ammunitions, Assets, etc…
  • Improved reliability of day-to-day operations and tracking
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Tracking on recorded footage
    • By Particular Date & Time
    • By Particular Weapon ID

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